If you watch the show "Breaking Bad" you're used to seeing actor Aaron Paul playing the low-key Jesse. I love the show and have enjoyed watching the development of Paul's character. But what is he like in real life? Especially before fame found him! Well, here he is...the typical screaming, overly-excited contestant on "The Price is Right." Hilarious!

I've read some pretty cool things about Aaron in the press over the past year. Like, when tour buses stop in front of his home, he'll walk out and say hello to the people onboard. Someone posted a video a few months ago that shows him running down the steps in front of the house, saying hello, shaking hands, and even climbing into the vehicle to have his picture taken with the occupants.

Still...if you watch the show, you think of Aaron as the too-cool-for-school character that he portrays on the series. But this video of the actor, before he was famous, getting excited as a contestant with Bob Barker will show a whole different side to his personality! Here's 1998 "Price is Right" contestant Aaron Sturtevant!