Darius Rucker has certainly shown that there's such a thing as reinventing yourself. For years, he was known as "Hootie," frontman for pop group Hootie and the Blowfish. And now, after several country hits as Darius Rucker,  he's been invited to join the Grand Ole Opry!

Darius had performed a few songs Wednesday night and then opened the floor up to questions from the audience. There were a couple of fans who asked questions...and then the third "fan" turned out to be his friend Brad Paisley. Brad asked if Darius was still the worst poker player in the world....and then asked if he'd like to become the latest member of the Grand Ole Opry! I get goosebumps just thinking about what that moment must have been like for Darius!

Congratulations, Darius! We love your music and your devotion to the fans. I mean...who else opens the floor up for questions?? Read all about the evening on Brad Paisley's website. Darius will be formally inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday, October 16th. Yay!

Wanna see just how Brad asked him? And the reaction to the question?