One of Bangor's hidden treasures is a little bookshop on Third Street, nearly at the corner with Union Street. I can't believe I had never been to Pro Libris until my boyfriend, Jim took me there. Now, I love it!

Proprietor Eric Furry started the shop in 1980. Unlike the "Big Box" stores in the area, Pro Libris doesn't serve coffee...or snacks. Instead, it has books....and more books!

I have a few favorites, including the Eve Dallas series by JD Robb, and the Anita Blake books by Laurel K. Hamilton. When I go to Pro Libris, I always find the next few books in the series!

Oh...and did I mention the prices are amazing! Where else can you go to buy four or five books for twenty bucks or less? If you love to read....and want to lose yourself in stacks and stacks of books, I suggest you visit Pro Libris in Bangor. You'll love it! To learn more, visit them on Facebook!