Black Friday is here so it's time for the hardcore shoppers in the Bangor area to get the best deals once the doors of their favorite stores open on the day after Thanksgiving (or in the cases of many stores this year, Thanksgiving Day!) 

Now, it's worth noting here that Maine law prohibits big retailers from opening on Thanksgiving Day despite national advertising that says stores like Target and Walmart will open Thanksgiving evening. Massachusetts and Rhode Island have similar laws.

Here's your guide to Black Friday shopping in the Bangor area.


Walmart has two Supercenter locations in the Bangor area, one at 900 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor and another at 24 Walton Drive in Brewer. Walmart recently released its Black Friday deals and local store hours.


Target, located at 60 Longview Drive, is another favorite stop for Black Friday shoppers. Here's a preview of Target's ad.

Best Buy

Best Buy is located near the Bangor Mall at 45 Bangor Mall Blvd. Here's its Black Friday ad with all the deals to be had.


Macy's is located in the Bangor Mall at 651 Stillwater Ave., in Bangor. Here's Macy's ad.

JC Penney

JC Penney is located in the Bangor Mall at 639 Stillwater Ave., in Bangor. Here's a link to a sneak peek at Penney's Black Friday deals.



Kohl's is located at 520 Stillwater Ave., near the Bangor Mall. Here's a sneak peek at their Black Friday deals.


Sears is located in the Bangor Mall. Here's a look at some of their Black Friday deals.


Need some office supplies fro Christmas? Staples has two Bangor locations: 1131 Union Street and 180 Bangor Mall BlvdHere's a look at what Black Friday will look like at Staples.

Toys 'R Us

Kids like toys for Christmas, right? Here's a preview of the Black Friday ad from Toys 'R Us.

Check back often to get the latest on Black Friday deals at these retailers and more. If you have a business that is featuring specials on Black Friday, please leave a comment below with your information.