If you're like me, you did a double-take when you read that Bill Engvall was part of the cast of this season's "Dancing With the Stars." Really? Bill Engvall? The comedian who has made a career out of mocking his own lack of "cool?" But I was pleasantly surprised as I watched his week one performance. Nice job!

Were the judges wowed? Well, maybe not. But they were surprised that Bill was so smooth. I agree with Carrie Ann that he needs to take the jerkiness out of his movements and I would add that he needs to stop the "mugging." The facial expressions are great as a comedian, but might give the impression that he's not taking it seriously. (And we all know HOW seriously the judges take this competition!)

Is Bill Engvall the next Kellie Pickler? Nope! But he did an awesome job for his first performance. And whether he thinks so or not, Bill Engvall has arrived at "cool!"