The 86th Academy Awards Show, or as many refer to, 'The Oscars,'  is set to air on ABC this Sunday, March 2, at 7:00pm Eastern. It will be hosted by funny woman, Ellen Degeneres, and it's proving to be a night full of surprises. But like many past award shows, it's sure to have a few quirky things that we'll never forget, and is sure to provide a lot of water cooler talk for the next few weeks. But what quirky things do you remember from past shows?

Do you know about the 'love curse'? Or did you know that Tom Hanks outed his gay drama teacher in a best actor speech in 1984?

Well I bet there are a number of things you didn't know. Here's a few more:

( the way, this year it's 'American Hustle' for best picture)