If you're tired of being a hobo for the fifth year in a row, or if your old faithful Napoleon Dynamite wig somehow disappeared over the summer, you might be in need of a new identity for Halloween. In Bangor, there are lots of places you can find the perfect costume.

Now that you know the best places to trick-or-treat in Bangor, you need the right costume to ensure that you get the maximum amount of treats! Here are some good options:

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    Spirit Halloween

    6 Bangor Mall Blvd, Bangor
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    Party City

    Bangor Mall

    Party City is located at 480 Stillwater Avenue near the Bangor Mall. They have a ton of Halloween stuff, including party decorations, hanging ghosts and your basic severed hand. And yes, they have a wide selection of masks, wigs and costumes. Would we have included them if they didn't?

    Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images
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    564 Wilson St, Brewer

    New to our list in 2015, Marden's literally has racks and racks of costumes in the middle of its Brewer store, along with a good selection of Halloween decorations and makeup. Better hurry, though. Stuff at Marden's tends to go quick.

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    Walmart Supercenter

    Bangor + Brewer

    Walmart Supercenter has two area locations -- one on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor and another on Walton Drive in Brewer. The stores always have lots of costumes from which to choose, and you don't have to break the bank. Kids grow out of their costumes pretty quick, as any parent knows. Or you can always make your kid be a hobo again. It's timeless.

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    60 Longview Drive, Bangor

    Target near the Bangor Mall also has a nice selection of kids costumes for reasonable prices. Whether they want to be their favorite superhero or something a little spookier, there are quite a few costumes from which to choose. Plus, you can pick up a plastic pumpkin to hold all your candy!

    flickr, hyperboreal
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    Toys R Us

    6 Bangor Mall Blvd., Bangor

    Toys R Us near the Bangor Mall has a great selection of kids costumes in their Halloween Headquarters, plus a lot of infant costumes, too. From Disney princesses to cute, little bumblebees, this store has something for every kid.

    flickr, DIzzy Dragon