I hope all the Moms had an awesome Mother's Day, no matter how you celebrated! It's funny how family dynamics differ. Some families take things very seriously. Others (like mine) tend to take a lighter approach to traditional relationships.....like this Mom and Son, who decided to forgo the traditional Mom/Son waltz at the wedding for something a little....funkier!

When my eldest got married several years ago, no one had told us we were expected to do the Mom/Son dance thing. It was an outdoor wedding, and pretty informal, so we hadn't given it any thought. But suddenly, everyone was telling us to dance....and then they started playing some sort of....well, let's just say it wasn't WALTZ music! We did a little impromptu butt shaking and then laughed and said "That's it!"

This mother and son took that to a whole new level and I love it! Mom's got some moves! I'm not sure Dad was too impressed with getting dragged out, but he was a good sport about it. Enjoy!