The Bangor Daily News has submitted letters to area police departments under the Maine Freedom of Access Act requesting the names, addresses and dates of birth of concealed weapons permit holders.

Meanwhile, Gov. Paul LePage said in a statement that he feared the request "will incite fear among gun owners and non-gun owners alike regarding their safety."

You can see it below:

The Bangor Daily News notes in its request that it "does not intend to publish wholesale identifying information."

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has responded in a press release from his communications director Adrienne Bennett:

Statement of Governor LePage On Concealed Weapons Permits Information

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage released today the following statement regarding news that the Bangor Daily News is requesting the names and addresses of concealed weapons permit holders from law enforcement agencies across the state:

“If newspapers would like to know who has concealed weapons permits, then they should know the Governor has his. I have serious concerns that BDN’s request will incite fear among gun owners and non-gun owners alike regarding their safety. There is no reason why these records should be public and I encourage the Legislature to act quickly to make this personal information confidential.

As I have said, the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms will not be questioned while I am Governor. That is especially true for those who respect the law enough to go through the process of obtaining a permit to carry concealed.”

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