Several movie artifacts have been donated to the Smithsonian by Warner Brothers, but museum officials are not quite doing the dance of joy. While they are all the genuine article, they're not necessarily representative of the "best of the genre." Like...of all the Batman memorabilia...Warner Brothers donated the cowl and mask worn by George Clooney, probably the least popular portrayal of the character!

Critics also panned Halle Berry's performance as Catwoman, so the donation of her legendary suit is receiving a lukewarm reception. I don't understand this. I mean, seriously, how many men went to that movie strictly because they WANTED to see Halle Berry in that very sexy suit? In my opinion, that's a treasure!

Warner Brothers also donated a Superman suit worn by Christopher Reeve. Sounds great, but it was the suit from "Superman III," with Richard Pryor. Personally, I think any memorabilia from the most-wonderful Mr. Reeve is priceless, but apparently not everyone shares my opinion!

And then there's the donation from the Tim Burton collection. Warner Brothers donated some of the stop-action puppets used in "The Corpse Bride." It was a cool movie, but not Burton's best, by any means. And you'd think a donation of anything Paul Newman wore would be treasured, but WB donated a suit worn by the blue-eyed legend in something called "The Helen Morgan Story." Heard of it? Nope, me either.

Actually, officials at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History say they're thrilled with any donations from Hollywood that help to tell the story of the American Cinema. It's the critics that are wondering what's up with Warner Brothers that they couldn't come up with some better donations. Must be spring cleaning season in Hollywood!