Thanks again to Galen Cole, WWII Veteran and Founder of the Cole Land Transportation Museum for a great Veterans' Day ceremony honoring Bangor WWII Military personnel who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

One hundred twelve names are now engraved on a beautiful granite memorial stone that now has a forever home on the property of the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

You could almost hear the grass move in the silence as Roxanne Moore Saucier read each soldier's name read in memory of their sacrifice.

The following are pictures of today's event:

Galen Cole
Bangor Mayor, Cary Weston
Michael Noyes, Aide to Senator Collins delivers speech for the senator
Veteran from Athens
Garrett Cole and Michael Noyes
Friend and Veteran, Fred Hallsworth
Prayer over the ceremony
Nelson's niece, Cora Bishop, getting ready to deliver speech
Salutes while names are read
Emily Mock, Rachael Kiah, Ceci Doering prepare to sing National Anthem
Bangor Council Members attend ceremony
Veteran reflects on moment