Bangor Police are asking for the public’s help finding a man who assaulted a woman over the weekend. Police responded to the call sometime after 2 Sunday morning that a woman had been assaulted while walking along Franklin Street. She was able to fight off her attacker, and now police are looking for him.

Community Relations officer Jason McAmbley says an unknown male grabbed the woman by the neck and tried to drag her away.

"She was attacked by a guy, who kind of jumped out of a pathway as she walked down Franklin Street, right near the Acadia Stream. The path runs adjacent to the stream, right behind the Penobscot County Jail. She fought the guy off, lost her purse and her glasses in the process. They did find the glasses lying on the ground. The purse has not been recovered."

He says the suspect, who was wearing a black hoodie, black gloves, and a mask took off running down the path. While the description doesn’t give a hint to his identity, it’s believed that he may have visible scratches on his face, a bite mark on one hand, and/or injuries to his groin.

McAmbley says if anyone finds a purse in that vicinity they should leave it alone and call police immediately. If anyone witnessed the crime or has any information, they’re asked to call the Bangor Police Department