If you saw a huge yellow envelope on a park bench, or up in a tree, and it said 'This is for YOU,' would you pick it up? Well, you should, because it is for you! A group in Bangor is finding unique ways to promote the arts, spread a little kindness, and help others. It's appropriately called 'The Kindness Project.'

The Kindness project was started recently by some folks who designed it after a similar group in London. Their motto is simple. They have one goal - to make the people of Bangor smile.

That huge yellow envelope could contain anything from small bits of artwork to decorative buttons – all to help further interest in the arts in Downtown Bangor. Organizer Steve Gray says the first round of envelopes were as much fun to hide as they were to make.

"We left them on park benches, entryways to businesses, tucked a few up in the trees. Just kinda stashed them around town. Not hidden too deeply. We wanted to make sure they all got found. But we got 50 of them. We went out really early in the morning before anyone was out and about and just left them all through the downtown area."

The latest project is the Altruistic Art Show at Nocturnem Art Haus from March 19th to April 15th. Local artists have donated their work to be displayed in the Art Haus during that time.

Folks are encouraged to stop by, view the artwork, and then purchase five dollar tickets to drop into a drawing corresponding to the pieces they like. All the money raised by the show will benefit local designer Ann Correia and her partner Michael. Michael has been diagnosed with lung cancer and the bills are piling up as he undergoes treatment.

For more information about the Kindness project, you can visit their website or find them on Facebook! And enjoy the video that Steve Gray made of the Valentine's envelopes distributed around Downtown Bangor businesses. In this case, they're pink! If you see that TKP logo, pick it up. There are treasures inside!