Earlier this year, I traveled to Springfield to see country artist Ayla Brown at the Springfield Fair. It was awesome! Ayla has an amazing voice and incredible charisma on-stage. At one point during the show, she brought a bunch of kids from the audience up to dance with her onstage as she crooned, 'Rednecks and Red Sox Fans!' Somehow, today seemed like the day to share a video of the song with you!

I know when you think of Red Sox Music, either the Dropkick Murphys come to mind, or maybe it's 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond. But maybe next time the Red Sox win the World Series, you'll be reminded of this fun tune from Ayla Brown!

Ayla is a country music singer but she's also a New England girl! Born in Wrentham, Massahcusetts, she majored in broadcasting at Boston College as she excelled at NCAA basketball. Beautiful, incredibly talented, and one of the genuinely nicest people I've ever met, I'm a big fan. At the Springfield Fair, it didn't matter what Ayla was doing...if someone walked up to say hello, she stopped to chat and pose for pictures. I can't count the number of times she hugged me...which makes JR and Nelson wish they'd been the ones to make the trip, I'm sure!