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From Mid-September until Halloween is a very special time in our house. It's when the lights go out early, so we can indulge in popcorn, coffee, and horror!

I hadn't really watched horror movies in years until I met Jim. He LOVES horror movies! So I agreed to give them a shot, with one rule: I don't like slasher movies. If the whole point of the movie is to make me lose my dinner, then I have no interest.

We have a few favorites...."Insidious" tops the list! What an awesomely scary movie! Of course, once Dad "crosses over," I think the movie gets kinda silly, but it's still scary. Jim is especially fond of vampire movies ... and no, I don't mean "Twilight." In the movies we watch, the vampires don't sparkle! Although, we do like the series about Bella, Edward and Jacob. "Let Me In" is probably one of our favorites!

I enjoy suspenseful movies, so I'm a big Alfred Hitchcock fan. "Rear Window" is one of my favorites...but that's not really horror. In that vein, I love "What Lies Beneath," starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. It's not a Hitchcock movie...but has a lot of the same elements.

Whatever makes you shake in your you chills...and makes the hair on your neck stand up...enjoy it! Why limit yourself to one night of thrills? Make a season out of it! And if you find a well-done scary movie, please let me know by leaving a comment below. We'd love to check it out!

Happy Horror Movie Season!