Listen to the lyrics of this song and you can hear the torment and anguish that this young man endured at the hands of bullies. The fact that he can sing about it shows his amazing strength and character!

They call themselves 'Bars & Melody' and they're two young men with a lot of talent. One has a beautiful voice. The other is a master songwriter. And both have a lot of courage to take this message to the stage.

Now, I'll admit, I don't like rap music. But I was transfixed by the lyrics to this song! I hope you'll listen, too!

The young men appeared recently on 'Britain's Got Talent,' which has a new wrinkle. They now have what they call a Golden Buzzer. If one of the judges hits it, it means the contestants automatically move on to the semifinals, without the need for a vote. In this case, Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer, and Simon never likes anyone that much!

Kudos to Bars & Melody for taking their message to the international stage!