Portland's Secret Santa has inspired more good Samaritans to hand out $100 bills, this time in areas outside the city.

The benefactors in this case are a 50-something couple who are dressing up as Santa and a furry side-kick who go under the moniker 'Secret Santa Maine.' They told the Portland Press Herald that they want to spread some Christmas cheer with the $100 donations, like Portland's Secret Santa, but wanted to hit some more outlying areas. The duo began Thursday, and hit locations in Sanford, Springvale, and Alfred, with Santa behind the wheel of the car and the Christmas Bear navigating.

At each location they've handed out envelopes containing the bills to folks they found at food pantries, dollar stores, and a soup kitchen. Again, like Portland's Secret Santa, the goal is to hand out $20,000. The couple wants to remain anonymous but have indicated that they have a background in education.

'Santa' told the PPH that God has blessed their lives and so they might as well share their good fortune with others.