When I think of Andy Dick, I think of that quirky, weird guy with glasses from "News Radio." Or I think of someone who's had plenty of trouble with the law as he's battled drug issues. His off-beat, often vulgar humor also comes to mind. But when I think of Andy Dick, I don't think grace and warm fuzzies. But that's what he conveyed this week on "Dancing With the Stars."

Andy dedicated the dance to his 15-year-old daughter, Meg who was watching from the audience. He called her a "mini version of me" and said it couldn't have been easy having him as a father. "I've put my kids through hell," Dick said.

Once the dance was over, it was time to talk to the judges, who ended up giving Andy a total of 21 points. Bruno was enthusiastic, but when the attention turned to Carrie Ann, she was sobbing! Calling Andy over, she hugged him, calling the dance a "simple poem."

"Your movement vocabulary's small," Inaba said,"but what you said with those few movements was so beautiful. So thank you."

It's a whole different side to the wacky, crazy funny man. And I have to say, I'm impressed!