On air JR Mitchell and I make no secret of the fact that we both love music, singing, and our country.

There's no one song that can stir the deepest patriotic response from Americans better than our National Anthem.

I have the amazing honor of singing the National Anthem at the 50th Anniversary of the Shrine Circus in Bangor this Saturday. I can only hope my performance of the Star Spangled Banner will include remembering lyrics, that while fairly simple, always seem elusive for even the most famous of performers.

There will be no lip-sync or phenomenal band back up. Just me, acapella, and hopefully my best musical interpretation of what the anthem means to me. If I screw up, I promise not to make a mockery of it like Rosanne Barr did back in 1990.

I also understand from those who have gone before me that the Anah Shrine Clowns do their best to distract you so you'll forget the lyrics! Pesky clowns!

This is one young rock group's rendition of the national anthem, and I really like it.