I'm such a softie that I need to have tissues handy when I watch "America's Got Talent." Seriously! I love the show and get caught up in the fulfillment of dreams...you know, all that drama stuff. But this audition ran the gamut of emotions...shock...delight...and then lots and lots of tears (happy tears!). I wish I hadn't watched it in the studio just before I had to go on the air!

Travis Pratt is an opera singer and he's very talented. But he said he never would have gone on "America's Got Talent" if it weren't for his girlfriend of five years. His performance is amazing, albeit a bit unusual. It was so good that he got a standing ovation out of three of the judges!

But that wasn't the last standing ovation for Travis. Howie brings Travis's girlfriend on stage and then...well...I'm sure you can guess. Another standing ovation! Watch the video but I'll warn you...keep the tissues handy!