Robert Redford stars in this survival movie that appears to be a combination of "The Perfect Storm" and "Castaway." Would you be able to survive if your private boat capsized in the middle of the ocean? It looks like a powerful and, at times, scary film!

I have to admit, I was sold the minute I saw that it stars Robert Redford. I am a huge fan! His portrayal of Sundance in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" started my lifelong crush on the man and admiration for his acting. My favorite Redford movie is probably "Sneakers," where he leads a band of misfits in a private security company. Or maybe it was in "The Natural." Or...."The Last Castle." Okay, so I'm a HUGE fan!

The trailer for this new movie has me hooked. Set adrift in the open ocean in an inflatable boat? I mean, it has a cover over it to protect you from the sun...but....wait....looks like he loses it? Sharks. Sun. Heat. Endless ocean. And solitude. No soccer ball around to name Wilson and make your best friend. Scary!

Watch the trailer and then get ready for the movie's release in October. I can't wait to see it!