October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and few people recognize it more than Ellen Degeneres. Each year, Ellen raises money through a series of stunts, including her famous dunk tank. She also pimps out gorgeous actor/model Shemar Moore for a kiss. And the women pay a lot!

Ellen is definitely committed to the cause, as her mother is a breast cancer survivor. In the past, she's convinced Liam Neeson to strip down to hot pink undies and get doused in water, showed that Harry Connick, Jr plays piano better than softball, and convinced Kate Hudson and her Mom Goldie Hawn to play tennis in their formal gowns!

In this case, it's kisses that she's peddling. Not HER kisses, mind you, but those of the very gorgeous Shemar Moore. You may remember Shemar from 'The Young and the Restless,' or from 'Criminal Minds.' However you remember him, ladies, I'm betting you haven't forgotten him!

Ellen puts together a pretty tempting package of prizes along with the kiss, and ends up collecting a few hundred dollars. The winner is a bit overwhelmed and seems nervous about the fact that she's married and about to kiss another guy on national television. But the real question is, will her husband be more upset about the kiss....or what she paid for it?!

Be proactive with your own breast health. Do regular home breast exams, and get regular mammograms. If you can't afford one, look into community organizations, like the Bangor Y's Caring Connections, who might be able to help. As someone who has had two biopsies so far (both negative), I can vouch for the fact that it's scary. But knowing is better than not knowing. And it just might save your life!