A number of years ago I was 'between jobs' as they saying goes, having been let go from a mega-radio conglomerate by the name of Clear Channel, whom by the way is no longer a player in the Bangor marketplace. It forced me to go back to school, UMaine Orono, which I loved tremendously. It was there that I accidentally conducted my own 'social experiment' of sorts.

Towards the end of my schooling I had an opportunity to interview for a job. But it was also finals time. I had to take an exam on the same day of the interview so I had to go to school in a business suit. Students treated me totally different that day. They acknowledged my existence by saying, 'Good morning, sir,' and would even make sure that I didn't have to hold a door going into or out of a building. It never happened before that day. Interesting, huh?

What about you? Does appearance play a part in whether you'll treat someone with respect and dignity?

Watch the video and reflect: