Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci says he and his brother, Former Governor and U.S. Congressman John Baldacci, are teaming up for a Halloween themed spaghetti dinner next week.

It's all in an effort to show public support for the Community Connector Bus route serving the Odlin Road and outer Hammond Street areas of the city.

Councilor Baldacci explains the event is to raise money to support the Community Connector bus route which was has been threatened.

"It was targeted because it was the newest route. It had only been started in the Spring of 2012 after a petition drive by the businesses out there to have a route to serve a lot of the workers for hotels and restaurants in the area," Baldacci said.

Baldacci says 5-thousand dollars has already been raised privately and he hopes they can raise a few thousand more with the upcoming benefit dinner and auction. He says that should send a strong message to the Bangor City Council that the bus route is important and supported publicly and deserves full funding.

The proposed route elimination which reportedly saves 20-thousand dollars came as a result of the city needing to cut budgets across the board because of a decrease in state and federal funding.

The spaghetti dinner and auction will also feature prizes for the best costumes and your meal will be dished up by former Governor John Baldacci.

It's planned for 5-7pm at Spectacular Events Center in Bangor on October 30th.