You don't have to tell most men, that women are competitive, especially when it comes to looks.

I've discovered over the years that even the best of friends will have a "moment" in their relationship when one tries to "one up" the other, and usually, there's a man involved.

It would appear that my newsroom partner and I have come to an impasse and there's definitely a man involved here, and I'm not talking JR Mitchell!  You see, Cindy has a really cute dog.

His name is Copernicus and she's often sharing his antics with you. To the point she stooped low enough to use a picture my husband took of she and HER dog in the Q van!

Now, as far as I can remember, I've only posted one story about my dog, Coda.

And, if you're actually keeping track, for the record, my dog has not been able to ride shotgun with me in the Q van.

Frankly, Cindy's starting to annoy me just a little because she's giving everyone the impression she's the ONLY one with a good looking dog worth writing about.

And seriously, the poor pooch might need doggy counseling if she keeps up with the pet names! Pernibottom....Perniboy...really?

Sheesh! You'd never hear me calling Coda Momma's Handsome Fella or Snuggle-Buggle-Pup, or anything quite so silly.

So, in honor of this Halloween season, go ahead and vote! IF YOU DARE!