The '90s at Nine Online today features two versions of the '90s classic 'Achy Breaky Heart.' There's the original, iconic video that broke new country sensation, Billy Ray Cyrus! And then...there's the new, dance-mix, hip-hop (what exactly DO you call this?) version. Billy Ray 2014!

Did you know that 'Achy Breaky Heart' was almost an Oak Ridge Boys song? But O.R. boy Duane didn't like the words 'Achy Breaky,' so they passed. It was recorded in 1991 by a group called the Marcy Brothers. Then it fell into the hands of new artist Billy Ray Cyrus. The rest, as they say, is history!

The original video was controversial because it showed this new artist being treated like a superstar. And the new version by Buck 22 (featuring, as he's known in this video, BRC)? Well, where do I begin with listing why this could be considered controversial? Maybe.....the rampant semi-nudity. Or....the dance-style version of a 90's country classic. Perhaps....the fact that Billy Ray plays an Andy-Griffith-Mayberry-style character in the beginning. Certainly the twerking will be controversial!

So here they are....BOTH versions. Watch the new version only if you can take the twerking and semi-nudity! And ponder this....are is the Cyrus family becoming the new version of the Osbournes? I vote yes!