Since it snowed yesterday, I just had to feature this video on the 90's at Nine Online. This is my absolute favorite version of this song! Ricochet does acapella pieces so very well! Happy Christmas season from the guys in Ricochet!

Ricochet was founded in 1993 by Oklahoma-born brothers Jeff and Junior Bryant, along with Heath Wright, Greg Cook, Teddy Carr, and Eddie Kilgallon. They were signed to a record deal with Columbia Records in 1995.

The band become known for their tight vocals and country sound. And my favorite songs will always be the ones done to showcase those vocals, like this version of 'Let It Snow!' Enjoy!

We start our 9 o'clock hour each weekday with a few country favorites from the 1990's. And a few times each week, I'll share great '90's music videos. Wow, they look dated now!