The 90's at Nine Online today features another artist that saw commercial success that didn't quite translate at the turn of the century. But still...what a great song! Mark Collie with 'Even the Man in the Moon is Crying.' Love this song!

Mark Collie is a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, and advocate for Type II diabetes. He was signed to MCA Records in Nashville 1989. His career blossomed in the 1990's, although he never reached superstar status. He continues to record, now on 101 Ranch Records, and works as a record producer, and occasional actor.

It was on his third album for MCA titled simply 'Mark Collie. The song reached #5 on the country charts. Collie has penned songs for some of country's greats, including George Jones, Tim McGraw, and Garth Brooks. He also wrote music for soundtracks to the movies 'The Punisher' and Steven Seagal's 'Fire Down Below.' Collie was also cast as a bar patron in the Seagal movie and got the snot beat out of him by the movie tough guy! (on-screen, of course)