The 90's at Nine Online today features one of my favorite artists. I've loved Gary Allan's music from the very first. And this is one of my favorites!

I had the chance to meet Gary at a party in Nashville right after his single 'It Would Be You' came out. He was very nice and chatty, and very interested in whether I really liked the song or whether I was being polite. I assured him that I loved the song and that he has a wonderful voice!

California boy Gary grew up in a musical household. It was so focused on music, as a matter of fact, that his mother insisted that the family's guitars had to be visible at all times!

One thing you can say about Gary, he's inventive. He was working selling cars and sold a truck to a wealthy couple. He put a demo tape in the glove compartment (with a note, I would assume). When the couple found out that he was the singer, they wrote him a check for $12,000 (who DOES that?!). The money funded his trip to Nashville. The rest, as they say, is history!