I have always been a tough guy to sell to. I have literally walked away from many a deal if I didn't think I was being treated fairly, leaving salespeople wishing they had done a better job in negotiating.

One time when buying a car in Bangor, it was obvious the salesperson was more interested in lining his pocket than building a relationship that would equate to return business down the road. The next day I went in to talk trades, etc, and he forgot most of what we discussed the day previous. So I told him that I would go to Augusta to get the deal I wanted...and I did. Not only did I get a better car, but my wife and I save a couple thousand.

Something I've always told my kids is this: "You work hard for your money, don't ever let someone just take your money when you buy something...they have to earn your business. And never be afraid to walk away from a deal, there are plenty of others that will be ready to negotiate."

What I really like about the video you're about to watch, is the power of the word 'no.'

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