Hey Bangor! This summer Bud Light is creating the world's biggest stage for 50/50/1.
This Thursday, August 1st, Bud Light is flipping the music festival on its head by taking the show to the fans. 50 shows, 50 states, all on the exact same day. Q-106.5 is proud to have The Lost Trailers in Bangor for this night of music history! Joining them will be Ayla Brown, Jillian Cardarelli & Tricky Britches!

The Lost Trailers have a song you remember singing along with 'Holler Back'

Now here's some of what to expect from the other artists...

Ayla Brown - My Hometown

Jillian Cardarelli - She's Driving Me Out of Your Mind

Tricky Britches - Leave My Troubles Behind

Tickets to this event are FREE and are be available at the following locations:

Cigaret Shopper (All Locations)

Leadbetter's Super Stops (All Locations)

On the Run (All Locations)

Seasons on Main (Bangor)

Toziers II (Bucksport)

Harborview Grill (Bucksport)

And of course get your free tickets from Q-106.5 by listening for us to be out with your chance to score your tickets to the History Making Bud Light 50/50/1 Concert on the Bangor Waterfront this Thursday!