How do you get out of bed? Do you roll out reluctantly and shuffle your way to the coffee maker? Or do you stretch, smile, and greet the day? How do you spend your morning, while getting ready for work? Do you wake up with just enough time to shower and throw back some java? Or do you take some time to wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day?

I'm one of those people whose alarm goes off at least two hours before I have to go to work. I want time to enjoy my coffee, check my Facebook page, and do a little reading. I want my mind to be awake before I walk out the door. And I want that little bit of "me" time before my day becomes about everyone else. It's a habit I picked up when my kids were young. Parents know that, if you want a few minutes to yourself, you have to grab it early....or stay up late! And now that my kids are grown (and I'm older), it's nice to have some time to go over my calendar and remind myself of any additional commitments I have that day.

My friend Natalee shared this great article on Facebook today called "5 Positive Ways to Start Your Day." I loved it so much, I had to share it! This is exactly my philosophy on mornings! Now, trust me, I'm not ALWAYS this positive in the morning. Like....when morning comes at 2am because I'm filling in for Craig! lol I hope you'll read the article...and maybe it will make a difference in how you greet your day!