A sure sign of Autumn is when bow hunters take to the woods in search of deer, bear hunters are setting out bait, and the state of Maine awards any-deer permits. The limited permit winners have been named and we have the list!

Hunting has always been a factor in my life. Although I've never hunted, my grandfather was affectionately referred to as 'the great white hunter.' He got a deer every year, and sometimes turned up with a moose or bear. And, after he passed away, we found a small notebook that contained the stats on every deer he ever brought home.

Now, I live with a bow hunter who got a bear the very first year we dated. And I have a friend who's on the any-deer permit list this year. For those who don't know what the permits are, they allow for a hunter to shoot either a buck or a doe. Only a limited amount of does are allowed to be part of the annual hunting season.

So, if you put your name in for an any-deer permit, click the link below to see the official list. Good luck!