The guys at Giveback Films are at it again, giving back to their community of Salt Lake City, Utah. These filmmakers put videos on YouTube every week showing another way that they've found to help others. The films have touched my heart, but this is the first one that really made me cry.

This time, the filmmakers are interviewing homeless people. They ask these folks how they ended up on the street, how they cope, and what they're doing to get their lives together. Or, in one case, what one man would have done differently.

The stories are touching and scary at the same time. Drugs and alcohol were factors for a couple of the men, but others just found themselves out of work and unable to pay the bills. The sight of an adorable little boy sitting with his parents bring the reality home that families, and especially kids, are homeless too.

At the end of the video, the filmmakers surprise these nice people with considerably more money than they were originally promised. The reactions made me cry. Especially the woman battling cancer who says, 'Happy Thanksgiving!'

I'm adding another video to the blog this week. Marvin is one of the homeless men the guys interviewed and he shared one of his poems. It's only a little over a minute long but tells his story, his fears, and his regrets. It will touch your soul.