It's very hard to fathom just how horrifying the plot of this movie would be to experience. Imagine you're an educated, free man in the early 1800's who suddenly gets thrown into slavery and sold to a southern plantation owner. Chilling!

This is the story of Solomon Northup, who was born a free man in New York. He grows up, marries, has a family, and joins a traveling musical troupe to earn money playing his fiddle. It was during this journey that all hell breaks loose. The horrors of this movie are even more powerful because they're based on a true story.

The movie stars Brad Pitt, Alfre Woodard, Paul Giamatti, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup. The trailer is powerful, so I can only imagine the impact of the movie. But we'll have to wait. "12 Years a Slave" will hit theaters in October. Be sure to tuck some tissues in your pocket for this one!