Many of us have done it at one time or another...left our vehicle unattended and running, or just unlocked. Every year thousands of cars are pilfered because of our carelessness. And many of those that lose a car to theft use the same old excuse: 'I was only going to be a minute.'

The only consolation here is that professional thieves are looking for specific cars that will bring them a high return value, preferably new cars. But not all new cars are on their list of must-haves.

Do you already own one or getting ready to buy one? Well, Forbes has compiled a list of the 10 new cars with the highest theft rate. Is yours on the list? (source

Here are the top 10 cars:

1. Dodge Charger
6.04 vehicles stolen per 1,000

2. Pontiac G6
4.34 stolen per 1,000

3. Chevrolet Impala
3.85 stolen per 1,000

4. Chrysler 300
3.54 stolen per 1,000

5. Infiniti FX
3.20 stolen per 1,000

6. Mitsubishi Galant
3.15 stolen per 1,000

7. Chrysler Sebring / 200
3.02 stolen per 1,000

8. Lexus SC
2.98 stolen per 1,000

9. Dodge Avenger
2.91 stolen per 1,000

10. Kia Rio
2.90 stolen per 1,000